The International Sports Council offers the membership to the followings:

International Sports Federations


National Sports Council

National Sports Authority

National Ministry of Sports

National Sports Commission

National Sports Administration

Department of Sports & Youth Welfare

Continental OR Regional Sports Councils

No discrimination for Olympic and Non-Olympic Sports. We respect all.

The International Sports Federations must have at least 4 member National Federations registered or legalized in their respective countries.

Documents Required for Membership:

1. Certificate of Registration/Incorporation (Non-Profit or For Profit/Company Act)

2. Letter of “Intention of Membership” with ISC signed by the authorized person with Govt issued 2 IDs.

3. List of activities with details

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Membership Fee (Non-Refundable): US$ 100/Calendar year after your paperwork is completed. Fee can be paid by a Credit Card or Certified Check, Bank Draft in favour of “International Sports Council”