The mission of the International Sports Council is to foster a better and healthier world through the unifying power of sports. We believe that sports have the extraordinary ability to transcend boundaries, bringing together individuals of all colors, races, languages, and demographics to create a more inclusive and understanding global community.

In a world where divisive ideologies can jeopardize the harmony of nations, we envision sports as a catalyst for unity, serving as a platform to minimize differences between cultures and build bridges of understanding among people. We are committed to welcoming every individual, regardless of background, and providing a space where diverse perspectives can coexist harmoniously.

We recognize the potential of sports to channel the boundless energy of youth and children into positive, constructive directions. Our mission is rooted in the belief that if this energy is harnessed through friendly competition and collaboration, it can contribute to the creation of a more peaceful and connected world.

In a time when the actions of a single individual can impact the entire globe, we advocate for the transformative power of sports to shape the destiny of humanity positively. While the Olympic Committee has been a significant international platform, we understand the need for a more inclusive space that supports not only established sports organizations but also nurtures emerging sports and grassroots initiatives.

Our commitment goes beyond financial gains, as we strive to support and promote new sports and organizations that might not receive adequate attention elsewhere. We aim to be the catalyst for change, inspiring a new era where sports play a pivotal role in fostering global cooperation and understanding. Together, we believe that sports can control and transform the world, creating a legacy of unity and shared humanity for generations to come.