Benefits to the NSCs


National & International Games under NSC/ISC: By organizing the National and International Games/Events under the umbrella of the National Sports Council (NSC) or the International Sports Council (ISC), there are several advantages. Firstly, it provides a centralized and standardized platform for sporting events, ensuring fair play and uniformity in rules and regulations. Secondly, it boosts the visibility and recognition of athletes and sports at both national and international levels, leading to increased participation and interest in sports.

NSC will be more active at ground level in sports from coaching to competitions: With NSCs playing a more active role at the grassroots level, there will be a positive impact on sports development. Enhanced involvement in coaching and competitions means identifying and nurturing talent from a young age. This proactive approach will likely lead to a stronger and more competitive pool of athletes in the long run.

More hold on Sports Activities: By having greater control over sports activities, the NSCs can streamline the planning, organization, and execution of events. This can lead to improved efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring that sports activities run smoothly and successfully.

Sending teams to the ISC or Inter-Continental Games with NSC Officers: The presence of the NSC officers accompanying national teams to the international competitions ensures that the interests of the athletes and the country are well represented. These officers can offer administrative support, address any issues that arise during the event, and foster better communication between the host country and the visiting team.

NSC Officials: The majority of the NSC Officials work within national borders, support national teams at international competitions like the Olympics, and frequently applaud or are stopped at national office borders. However, with the ISC, NSC Officials will also have access to an international network of contacts and will occasionally serve as the host of ISC events like the Continental Games and other ISC Meetings and Conferences. There’s no need to just clap and sulk to the NSC Officers.

Better control of Sports funds on NSC/ISC Games: With ISC, NSCs having more control over sports funds, there is a higher likelihood of funds being allocated strategically and judiciously. This can lead to optimal utilization of resources, improved infrastructure, and better training facilities, benefitting athletes and sports development.

NSC’s Strong relationships worldwide: NSCs’ strong international relationships can facilitate collaboration, exchange programs, and friendly competition between different countries. This fosters goodwill, cultural exchange, and strengthens ties between nations through sports diplomacy.

Less politics and a more stable position mean more control over NSFs: NSCs, with reduced political interference, can focus on their core mandate of promoting and developing sports. A stable position ensures continuity in policies and programs, avoiding disruptions that can hinder progress.

More funds through third-party sponsorships for NSCs: A reputable and non-political NSC can attract more third-party sponsorships, as potential sponsors will be confident in the organization’s integrity and commitment to sports development. These additional funds can be channeled towards supporting athletes, grassroots programs, and high-performance training.

Better use of Sports funds means better health and Coaching to more citizens: With better utilization of sports funds, there can be an expansion of sports programs and coaching opportunities to a broader segment of the population. This can lead to improved public health, increased physical activity, and the discovery of new talent.

NSC will select and represent their teams in the ISC Games: The responsibility of NSCs in selecting and representing their teams in international events ensures that the most deserving and skilled athletes get the opportunity to showcase their talent on the global stage.

More budget/sponsors for less political bodies for sports: Non-political bodies like NSCs are likely to receive more budgetary support and attract sponsors who want to be associated with clean and transparent sports organizations.

More hopes for a better future for National and International Athletes who are neglected in the Olympics: NSCs can provide a platform for athletes who might not have received adequate attention in traditional Olympic sports. This inclusivity can give neglected athletes a chance to excel and gain recognition.

More sponsors for US/Canada-based International Governing body than anywhere else based International Body: A stable and non-political international governing body (like ISC) based in the US or Canada can attract more sponsors due to the economic strength and potential marketing reach of these countries.

ISC supports you and you support ISC: A collaborative relationship between NSCs and ISC fosters mutual support and cooperation, leading to the overall growth and development of sports on both national and international levels.

No discrimination, No ignorance, No threats like other bodies: A non-discriminatory and respectful environment promoted by NSCs ensures fair treatment of athletes and avoids conflicts that may hinder sports development.

Better future and life of Athletes with NSCs than anyone else: The supportive and stable environment provided by NSCs can lead to a more promising future for athletes, offering them opportunities for growth, recognition, and career advancement.

Future International Sports Court of Arbitration (ISC-A) in the US: Establishing an International Sports Court of Arbitration in the US or Canada can enhance the credibility of sports dispute resolution and provide a neutral ground for resolving conflicts.

Continental Offices to plan in each continent: Having continental offices helps in better coordination, planning, and execution of sports events and programs tailored to each region’s needs and preferences.

More Humanity, brotherhood, and hope through sports for a better tomorrow: Sports have the power to unite people, promote understanding, and build bridges between nations. NSCs’ efforts in fostering sports activities contribute to a more harmonious and hopeful world.

More patriotic feelings in athletes when representing the country: When athletes compete under the banner of their country through NSCs, they often feel a strong sense of pride and patriotism, motivating them to perform at their best in amateur events.

Non-Olympians deserve even more: NSCs can provide opportunities and recognition to athletes in sports that might not be part of the Olympic program, acknowledging their contributions and achievements.

Empowering Women in Sports: Non-political NSCs can actively promote gender equality in sports by providing equal opportunities, resources, and recognition for female athletes. This encourages the participation and success of women in sports, leading to a more inclusive and diverse sporting landscape.

Enhancing Grassroots Sports Development: NSCs’ active involvement at the grassroots level helps identify and nurture talent early on, laying a strong foundation for future sporting success. This focus on grassroots development ensures a continuous supply of skilled athletes for national and international competitions.

Promoting Sports for Persons with Disabilities: NSCs can champion the cause of adaptive and inclusive sports, enabling persons with disabilities to participate and excel in various sporting disciplines. This fosters a more inclusive and compassionate society that recognizes the talents of all individuals.

Preserving Traditional and Indigenous Sports: NSCs can play a crucial role in preserving and promoting traditional and indigenous sports that carry cultural significance. By supporting and organizing events for these sports, NSCs help maintain cultural heritage and encourage pride among communities.

International Sports Exchange Programs: Through collaborations with other countries’ NSCs, exchange programs can be established, allowing athletes, coaches, and sports administrators to learn from different sporting cultures. These exchanges enrich sporting knowledge and foster global friendships.

Plus many to list…: The benefits of strong, non-political, and efficient NSCs are numerous and can have a far-reaching impact on sports and athletes at local, national, and international level.